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For Fall 2017, We announced the grand opening of our first ever phyiscal store front on Historic downtown Oregon City's Main Street, the oldest city west of the Mississipi.  We've been told that our old building from 1902 is actually haunted.  We are also excited to be coordinatiing events with Northwest Ghost Tours of old town Oregon City.  More news to follow shortly.

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We mark items as Retired when the manufacturers discontinue a particular design.  We still have limited quantities left in our inventory until we mark it as sold out.

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You can find  basic party supplies at any of your local stores. But in Ghoul Gallery we feature unique accessories to make your party a "Screaming" success.


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At Ghoul Gallery we feature retired collectibles, from dolls to Halloween Villages, destined to increase in value over the coming years.


Black Trees, Lighting, & Ornaments

Along with Black trees, we feature Lighting options, glass and resin Halloween Ornaments to festoon your Home Haunt.

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Please NOTE: "New Product Pages" are only for recenlty added pages.  

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Welcome to Ghoul Gallery

OPEN to the public at

619 Main Street, Oregon City,


Gothic, Steam Punk, Skullduggery & Halloween Store Hours

Current Halloween Hours

Wed-Thurs 12pm to 6pm

Friday thru Sunday, 12pm to 7pm

Closed Mondays & Tuesdays


Save the date: Saturday-Sunday
October 13th-14th, 2018
3rd Annual Nightmare on Main St.

- A Gathering of Ghouls

Hearse Club "Show & Gloom" Rally

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and Information & Scarecrow/Painted Rock Entry form

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The Best Haunted House in Clackamas County

Hursula and Cob
Above is Hursula, our hearse, and Cob Goblin, our scarecrow puppet pal.

Click below for more info on Cob, and his sister puppet - Psych Ward Sally:

Cob Scare Crow   Psych Ward Sally
Click here for Cob   Click here for Sally  

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for hours and further STORE information.

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 On our Catalog menu (above) you will find "SHOP NOW" which will provide you with a long listing of various product areas.  Under that menu item, you will also find a listing of all the kinds of products we feature, and another listing of all the various designers we carry.

Also on our Catalogue menu, we have "Collectibles" which features special collectibles from Halloween Villages, to specific designers like Katherine's Collections, and Bethany Lowe.  Additionally you will find Halloween Art by specific artists.  Check it out!  It's nearly like an online museum.

 We also have a new search engine at the top of the page on the right.   Whatever you're looking for, simply enter the words, and the search engine will show you the location pages.

You can also find us on Facebook.  There is a link at the top of this page.  Our Facebook name is Gilbert Gravenhearse, and our fan page is Ghoul Gallery.  Please visit us.  We also have a Twitter account, but it is seldom used.  If you have questions please contact us at

We hope you have fun on our website. 
If so, please let us know.

Tom Ghoul, Your crypt keeper


Over 200 Pages of

Halloween Fun

Useful Collectible Heirlooms - created to last

Possibly the internet's largest collection of Halloween designers, both original and limited editions.  What you will find on these pages are some of the most creative designers of unique and collectible Halloween Ghoulish Gifts and Frightful Decor.  Our pages are packed full of items that are destined to last for years, and become heirlooms for future generations of little goblins.  Who would have ever thought that the paper mache pumpkin baskets of the 50's would have turned into such gold mines of value decades later.  These collectible items are made from materials destined to last through unlimited uses.  We typically do not carry disposable products mass-produced for big-box chain stores that typically last for only one season.





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Ghoulish Gifts & Frightful Decor
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Quantities are extremely limited, especially as we get towards Halloween.  Order early to make sure you get what you want!